The holidays were fun and you brought in the new year in style.  

A new year tends to make us think about change and improvement and possibilities.  January is the time when most of us make resolutions, resolve to do better.  Now that you have your 2015 calendar, you can start to fill it with ways to launch your career in a strong and positive direction.  Breaking old habits and starting new ones to improve your fitness, get that promotion or new job, acquire new skills, or increase your network takes focus and mindfulness that can steer your career in a strong and positive direction.  

But, how do you break old, non-optimal habits and create new and positive ones?  

Begin by being mindful of your current rituals and habits and how they impact your life.  Understanding how your current habits got formed and work is important to developing good, strong habits this new year.  Once you establish those rewarding habits, commit yourself to using them to further your career.

 I am reading a fascinating book about habits by Charles Duhigg called The Power of Habit.  Duhigg's premise is that the key to being what you want to be is understanding how habits work.  Why do you have a certain habit?  What are you hoping to achieve with this habit? What is its reward?  What is the trigger for your behavior?  By analyzing your current habits, you gain the knowledge and the power to change them so that they are more productive.   Duhigg says that habits aren't our destiny.  Once we understand them, we can control and change to benefit us.  That concept is very empowering!   I am applying the book's concepts on controlling habits to career management.  Many of us have habits that are not producing the career results we want.  

What career habits do you have?  Are they enabling you to be successful?  Are there any that you should change?



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