by Sara Pacelle

You’ve made your list of target companies and relevant contacts and now you’re ready to reach out to them to start your networking.  

Only one problem, you don’t know their email address.  You’ve checked their company website.  Not an email to be found. Not even on the Press Inquiries page.


The good news is that most companies use one of a few of these standard email protocols:

·         Firstname.Lastname@Company.com

·         FirstinitialLastname@Company.com

·         Firstname@Company.com

·         FirstnameLastInitial@Company.com

Try these one at a time and see which bounce back. The one that doesn't bounce back is probably the right address.

OK, great but what if you are having a hard time locating the right person to contact at a company?

Go to LinkedIn and check out the company profile and employees. Once you locate the most relevant person, check their profile.  Most likely you will only be able to see their first name, last initial and their title. LinkedIn does this as part of their privacy settings and to encourage you to upgrade your account.  My secret is to go over to Google.  Google doesn’t have these same privacy settings because they are all about SEO.  Once you are at Google, do a search with “First name Last initial Title Company LinkedIn”. Google will serve you up the link to the person’s full profile.

Pretty cool, huh?



04/12/2015 6:14am

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I guess this article is really helpful for social media marketers because they can easily follow the members of LinkedIn through email.

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