by Sara Pacelle

Venture capital (VC) firms and their websites can be fertile ground for job leads.   Because the VCs have a vested financial interest in the success of these growing companies, they help to build the teams by recruiting talent.  VCs fund small companies and by filling them with the best and the brightest talent, they grow their investment.

VCs provide highly innovative, emerging growth companies with financial capital and in return receive equity in and some control of the company.  The VC hopes to make money when the company does an initial public offering (IPO) or is sold.   New companies use this equity infusion to grow, increase production and hire new employees.  According to the 2011 report by the National Venture Capital Association called “The Economic Importance of Venture Capital-Backed Companies to the U. S. Economy”, the venture capital community makes a significant positive impact on our economy.  In 2010, 11.9 million jobs were created by venture-backed companies which equates to 11% of the U. S. Private Sector Employment.  Venture-backed companies also generated revenue equal to 21% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.   As President Obama said, “Everyone here knows that small businesses are where most new jobs begin.”

So with all their capital investment in small, growing firms, it makes sense that VCs would know what jobs are available at these companies.    In Boston, there are many VC firms investing in small companies.  According to Bloomberg, Boston is the birthplace of modern venture capitalism and accounted for 11% of the U.S. venture-backed investments. 

The well-told story of the ”Big One That Got Away” could make a Boston VC cringe.   That’s the Facebook story where Mark Zuckerberg, an unknown Harvard student, approached East Coast VCs for financing and got turned down.  Mark then took the first plane to the West Coast, got funding and the rest as they say, is history.   If you don’t know the story, watch the movie Social Network.  Since that Facebook lesson, Boston VCs have made efforts to keep and grow these smart entrepreneurs in Boston and Massachusetts. 

Flybridge Capital Partners, a Boston venture capital firm, has initiated a program called Stay in MA which has a super job listing page and provides scholarships for students to attend or join Massachusetts based conferences on business and technology.

How to get in on the action in venture-backed companies?  Check out this link to a list of Massachusetts venture capital firms.  Each of the venture capital firm websites will have a Careers or Jobs page that lists career opportunities with their portfolio companies.  Pick a firm and go to its individual website.  You’ll see a page called “Careers” or “Jobs”.  There you’ll find a broad array of job openings at the firm’s portfolio companies that include sales reps, accountants, legal, project managers, etc.  You can also search the pages based on geographic region, industry sector, job function, company name, full-time/part-time/contractor/internship status. 

If you’re not ready to go to each individual venture capital firm website, check out this on-line job board called Venture Loop that calls itself “the worldwide leader in job postings focused on venture-backed companies.”  They have an impressive listing of venture capital firm clients.  I looked up all jobs at their portfolio companies within 50 miles of Boston and got 789 job listings.  Maybe one of those will be your future job.



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