by Sara Pacelle

Here's the situation.... You want to get in touch with the real decision maker at your target company and you have no way to reach her.   Her contact information is nowhere to be found.   She may have an email but her spam blocker is bulletproof, and you, my friend, are considered "spam".   
Online networking can seem like the Wild West for some of us.   But, just as the Wild West was tamed, so can the web.  In my past business development career, I used online networking extensively.  That's where many of my business relationships were born, out of conversations happening online.   And that is the beauty of online networking.  

Whether you want to reach a hiring manager, a buying manager, an editor, whoever, you can bet, if they are at all savvy, they are watching, listening and/or talking online.  
So, if that is where they are, go get ‘em!

How to begin?  The first step is to join relevant online groups in your field or in the field you want to enter.  Online groups are  on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc.   Find the ones that have lots of activity and good discussions.  Join them.  
Listen and learn who the members are; perhaps that elusive decision maker is hanging out there.  Read the discussions and understand the vibe.  Then, when you are ready, make a comment. Make sure it’s a good comment and not just a fluffy one, or one that was already said, or a negative one.  
So, here are the 3 Ps, always keep your content PositivePolished and Polite.  Give advice.  Show how smart you are.  Answer questions (first make sure you know your facts). Get noticed.   Then, when you are ready, ask a relevant question.  Not one like "Could someone help me get into XYZ Company?" But, more like, "Does anyone have a recommendation for an inventory control software that they really like?"  You'll get people talking and you'll get noticed.  Maybe that decision maker will answer your question or perhaps you will answer one of hers.  Voila!  There you have your connection.  Make sure you have good contact information for others to reach you and always remember the 3 Ps. That's the key to successful online networking.  




01/07/2017 4:19am

Online networking is much famous in all the world. Because it is very easy and it has many type of benefits. Online banking, online shopping and online business is using every where. Peoples are satisfy this network system.

01/25/2017 6:35am

Networking is a long term relationship building activity. We like to trust in the people we buy from. Traditionally networking is face-to-face. But in our world today, the technology had grown fast that makes everything possible and accessible. Online, as with offline networking, there are many places that we can meet people. Social media groups such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter are great examples.

12/27/2017 11:44pm


12/28/2017 12:00am

I remember studying four P's in marketing and it seems like three P's in online networking both have similarities in different levels. An online networking you need a huge connection to different people in your field. Having a huge connection will help you achieve on your target. In online marketing having a positive mind and content will really help you boost your company. Polishing the objectives and the target goals can also help the company. The most important rule is being polite and knowing superiority because it will show that your company hires good people.


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