If  you are looking to jumpstart, relaunch or change your career, there is an  excellent self-starter book written by Laurence Shatkin, PhD, called "2011 Career Plan, The  Best Moves Now for a Solid Future." It's a very accessible and motivational book  whose tone Mr. Shatkin says he "deliberately modeled after Suze Orman's". In a  step by step format, Mr. Shatkin exhorts his readers to take action or "take aim" with a simple self-assessment to develop your own career-personality. He then gives detailed career information on large career fields and specific occupations. Finally he presents a "gap analysis" of the gap between you and  your goal with excellent and concrete advice and resources on how to fill that  gap. This book enables you to take personal and immediate charge of your career  in a positive and realistic approach. 

Being  realistic is critical in any career move. Mr. Shatkin believes that  realistically and proactively choosing where you live is very important to your  career success. He sees Boston as a hotbed for career development, mainly because of its creativity and economic activity. This bodes well for its ability  to create and sustain employment in our area. He cites computer systems design  and related services, scientific research and development and software  publishers as particularly strong careers in the Boston area.

Unlike Thomas  Friedman who told us that globalization is flattening the world and that  location doesn't really matter, Mr. Shatkin cites Richard Florida, who wrote the book, Who's Your City?  How the Creative Economy is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of  Your Life. In his book, Mr. Florida believes that rather than flat, the world is  spiky and that location is even more important than ever before. Where we chose  to live determines our access to certain jobs and career paths, our friends and  our lifestyles. Mr. Florida rates Boston as one of the top 5 best large cities  for young singles (ages 20 - 29), families with children, empty-nesters (ages 45 - 64) and retirees (over 65 years of age).   Mr.  Shatkin also notes that most creation of jobs and actual hiring are done in  small, new companies. Boston is a breeding ground for startups with its  entrepreneurial culture, major educational institutions and lively venture  capital community. Mr. Shatkin says that another indicator of Boston's  creativity and entrepreneurship is its consistently large number of patent  filings. 

So, getting going! There's lots of creativity and energy in Boston to  jumpstart your career!



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The book review is very interesting. It made me push myself to go and study in Boston. And I also like the idea of starting a career that will help me to become a better me. I think I'm gonna buy this book as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this book.

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